"Welcome to the website of one of the thousands of Bob Taylors. Bob is an IT consultant who spends a lot of time fixing things (see his blog!) but also has time to travel, listen to music and update this website. He can be contacted by email at mail@roberttaylor.eu "

My news

Raspberry Pi

"Bob bought a Raspberry Pi in the hope that it may run the OPENVPN server software as a secure gateway to the office server for VPN connections. Alas the ARM processor could not quite hack it, so it has been 're-purposed' as a home media center."


Windows 8.1

"Bob's laptop now run Windows 8.1 and Bob has just increased his intake of health-damaging substances. Why use one click to do something when four will do?."


Acer Netbook as an OPENVPN server gateway

"After running Linux (Zorin - look it up!) on the Acer Netbook for a year, it now runs OPENVPN server software 24/7 and doesn't break into a sweat."